SculpSure Helps With Permanent Fat loss

sculpsure for permanent fat loss


SculpSure is an innovative, non-invasive treatment designed to help men and women lose stubborn, subcutaneous fat in areas that are traditionally more difficult to target. This treatment is both safe, quick, and effective.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure works by using FDA approved, patented paddles on the area the patient wants to lose fat from. The paddles melt away subcutaneous fat which is ultimately excreted through natural bodily functions. Some of the most popular areas of treatment are the stomach and flank.

In as little as one visit you can achieve noticeable results that last as long as you’re willing to eat right and exercise to maintain them.

What can I expect during a SculpSure treatment?

During a SculpSure treatment a patient spends 25 minutes relaxing while heat and cool waves move over the treatment area. Because this treatment is non-invasive it’s something many patients choose to have done over a lunch break.

Patients can expect to lose up to 25 percent of fat per treatment. While some patients need one treatment to see the results they want, most require around two treatments. One of the biggest benefits of this procedure is that it can treat up to four areas at a time, so you don’t have to come back for a visit for each area you want treated. Other competitor treatments require an entire hour for treatment time and can only treat one area in that hour.

Is SculpSure painful?

No! SculpSure is a completely non-invasive procedure, which means unlike treatments like liposuction you don’t have to go under anesthesia or bother with recovery or downtime. Most patients report slight tingling, but nothing that is uncomfortable or painful. In fact, many patients bring an iPad or book with them to keep themselves occupied for the 25 minute procedure.

Will I need to be on bed rest after treatment?

Because SculpSure is such a simple procedure, you can actually go back to work after having it done. There is no downtime or recovery period. Most patients choose to schedule their procedure in between their regular errands.

Will SculpSure help me lose weight?

You’ve probably heard a lot about fat loss versus weight loss. Essentially, while you might lose weight, there’s no guarantee you’re losing fat. This means that calorie burning muscle could be what you’re losing. This explains why many people who attempt to lose weight never achieve the toned look they want.

SculpSure makes sure you’re losing fat cells, no lean muscle. As a result, you might see a minor drop in weight, but a major difference in your overall appearance.

Finding a Reputable and Safe Treatment Facility

When you’re choosing a provider to meet your needs, it’s important that you pay attention to their reputation (read online reviews) and their qualifications. Dr. Ngyuen is a well-respected physician in Conroe, Texas. She brings years of experience meeting a variety of patient needs.

If you’re looking for a lean, sleek figure, contact our office. We’ll discuss options available to you and help determine if SculpSure is the best option for your needs.

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