High Cholesterol and Controlling obesity continues to pose a major challenge to the country. Dr. Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor and her team of medical professionals in Conroe, Texas are committed to providing you with healthy food options remaining expensive and patient education continuing to lag behind the taste buds of the community, it is no wonder why patients are having trouble controlling their weight. The obesity problem is even starting to impact children.

Type 2 Diabetes used to be a problem exclusive to adults. Now, even children are developing this disease. One of the tricks to remaining healthy is controlling cholesterol levels. While this can be challenging, there are a few tips that everyone should incorporate when trying to keep cholesterol levels low.

Avoid Trans Fat

First, try to avoid trans fats. Trans fats are short for trans-saturated fats. The trans refers to the bond structure that holds the molecule together. Trans fats lower HDL (the good cholesterol), raise LDL (the bad cholesterol), and increase the risk of serious medical problems, such as heart disease and strokes. Trans fats are found in many baked goods, making them difficult to avoid. The FDA is trying to remove them from the industry, but in the meantime, read food packages to avoid these dangerous fats. They stick together and cause problems for everyone’s health.

Decrease Portion Sizes

Next, try to decrease portion sizes. By using smaller dishes, the mind will think the plate is still full and makes many people feel like they’re still stuffed when the meal is finished. Lower portion sizes translate to weight loss. Every dropped pound counts and will lead to a lower LDL. Try to incorporate a daily exercise routine along with smaller portion sizes. By cutting around 1,000 calories per week, people will realize that they will lose a pound per week on average. These pounds add up over time but people need to remember to avoid cheat days, as these will add up just as quickly.

Use Fiber

Lastly, try to focus on using fiber. Foods such as apples, beans, and oatmeal are high in their fiber content. Fiber is important because it binds to cholesterol and helps the body excrete it as waste. Try to find foods that add around ten grams of fiber each day. Research studies have shown that incorporating a higher fiber content into a diet will cause people to drop their LDL. Furthermore, fiber is filling. This will help people avoid snacks throughout the day. Try not to eat an excessive amount of fiber because this can cause cramps.

Everyone should see a physician regularly to make sure their cholesterol levels are healthy. A physician will have even more ways to keep cholesterol levels under control. If you are located in The Woodlands, Montgomery or Magnolia County, Carlton Woods, Bentwater, Wood Forest, Willis, and surrounding areas, Texas residents or looking for a family physician and have questions about High Cholesterol, contact Dr. Nguyen, Conroe Family Doctor, today. Dr. Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor in Conroe, Texas went through the arduous path of medical school to make sure patients are provided with the latest information on managing High Cholesterol.

Dr. Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor and her team of medical professionals in Conroe, Texas are committed to providing respectful, compassionate health care to each and every patient, with a long track record filled with happy and healthy patients. Dr. Nguyen can put the same knowledge to work for patients with managing High Cholesterol. Call today to schedule an appointment (936) 441-2012 .We look forward to hearing from you.

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