New Year, New You: Start With An Annual Physical!

Yearly physicals aren’t just for children; adults are as much in need of a physical every year as their children are! In fact, adults likely need a physical even more than children do as the years go on. As we age, there are conditions and concerns that can crop up that a yearly physical can help catch before it becomes dangerous. You never know when it might save your life! If you want to know what to expect during your yearly exam, read on!

What To Expect

During every visit to your physician, there are a few things you expect, and these same things will occur when you go for a yearly physical. These include having your temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and pulse being taken. Each of these can be a window into your overall health and reveal potential problems, but they aren’t comprehensive. When you get a full physical, you can expect to have your nerves tested; a full body examination performed looking for abnormalities in your extremities, skin, and abdomen. Blood screens are often included as well to identify concerns with hormone and cholesterol levels, among other things.

You’re Never Too Old To Get A Physical

There will never come a point in your life where you’re too old to get a physical, and in fact, new elements may be added to your physical as you age. These include prostate exams for men, mammograms for women, and colonoscopies for everyone. These tests, in particular, are looking for the occurrence of certain forms of cancer that tend to appear as patients get older. These represent just a couple of the concerns that can be identified or addressed with a yearly physical.

What Tests Are Part Of A Standard Physical?

The four basic tests that are included with every physical include the following:

  • Blood Pressure: A visit with your friendly sphygmomanometer, or blood pressure cuff, is a standard part of every visit. Your physician will be checking to see if you fall in healthy levels, usually with numbers under 120 and over 80 being considered normal.
  • Heart Rates: Cardio concerns can be identified by checking your heart rate. Normal resting heart rates are between 60 and 100, though exceptionally healthy patients may see rates under 60.
  • Breathing Rate: This test checks to see how many breaths you take in a minute. If you are taking more than 20 breaths a minute while at rest, there may be concerns with your lungs or heart that need addressing.
  • Temperature: Body temperatures for healthy patients tend to be around 98.6F, though again, healthy patients may see numbers higher or lower than this.

With 2020 getting off to a fantastic start, it’s time to make sure the year continues as it has begun. Call Dr. Trang D Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor in Conroe, TX today and get scheduled for a physical to ensure that there are no health issues waiting to ruin your year. Why not make 2020 the year that you make getting a yearly physical part of your usual preventative care routine?

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Staying Active During The Holidays

The Holidays are coming up, and that usually represents a time of leisure and consuming far too much delicious food. Unfortunately, once the holidays have passed we’re left with all of the weight we’ve packed on as well as the lethargy that comes from inactivity. Why not take steps to change all that this holiday season? While enjoying all those delicious meals and heartwarming family moments, remember to stay active so you can start next year as strong as you started the holidays. Below we’ve provided a list of some tips to help you stay active during these long winter months.

Begin By Planning Ahead

More important than what you do to keep active is ensuring that you have a plan to keep active. This is especially true during the chaos and randomness of the winter holidays. If you’re heading out of town find out where the local parks and such are, as well as any gyms that may have a day pass. This planning process is a mental training step towards committing to your workout.

Less Is More

Don’t think that you have to do workouts for hours at a time. When it comes to working out less can be more, especially if you plan for 10-20 minute bouts during the day. Walking, running, and jogging can all be done for short spurts and still result in visible benefits for your long journey. If you’re really going for it you can consider HIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, to get the most out of your time. They alternate between periods of high intensity and short recovery periods and have been shown to be effective.

When You All Pull Together

Holidays are about family, and that can apply to holiday fitness as well. Get with your friends, family, or coworkers to build an exercise regimen and make a commitment to sticking to it. You may also discover that family members who have been inactive start wanting to join you on your journey to fitness during the winter.

Appreciate The Season

Let’s face it, getting out and exercising in the Texas summer isn’t the greatest idea, especially when you’re first starting out. The milder winter season is going to be a great time to start working out and conditioning yourself for the months ahead. They also happen to be the time when events like Christmas and Thanksgiving walking marathons and fun runs are going on.

If you’re looking for other ways to look after your health in the months ahead then stop in at Conroe Family Doctor for a consultation with Dr. Trang D Nguyen. Their team will help you go over your current state of health and your fitness goals and help you design a dedicated plan to reach your goals. Fitness isn’t just a momentary thing, it’s a dedicated lifestyle change that can result in a longer, healthier life. Don’t wait for the winter season to take its toll on you, get out there and take strides to keep the weight off and feel after the holidays!

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Why You Should Get A Flu Shot

If you’re like a lot of Americans you may be wondering why you should bother getting the flu shot. Every year we face the dangers of the flu and we have survived it without the benefit of one of these shots, so why start getting them now? Modern medicine and vaccines have been able to identify the most likely strains of influenza to strike in the upcoming flu season and provide protection against them. With over 200,000 people getting hospitalized due to influenza every year, it’s sensible protection to take.

The Flu Is That Serious?

Yes. For the very young, the very old, and those with impaired immune systems a serious case of the flu can be a death sentence. Even typically healthy people can be at risk if the case of the flu is bad enough. Every year 3,000 to 49,000 people die from symptoms associated with the flu. Certain people are at greater risk from the flu than others, including:

  • Patients who have had a stroke or have heart disease

  • Adults who are older than 65

  • Women who are pregnant

  • Patients with HIV or AIDs

  • Cancer Patients

  • Those with diabetes and asthma

Can The Vaccine Really Prevent The Flu?

Ongoing research has shown that those who get the flu vaccine are nearly 61% less likely to contract flu during any given year. While certain factors render the flu virus more or less effective, this rate has been consistent over multiple years.

What Kinds Of Flu Shots Are There?

You may have heard about different types of flu shots and been wondering what they’re all about. There are actually four different forms of the flu vaccine, with different recommendations as to who should receive each of them.

  • Standard Dost Trivalent Shots – These shots are given in the arm or a jet injector, and are appropriate for those between the ages of 18 and 64.

  • High Dose Trivalent Shot – These are form patients who are older than 65

  • Recombinant Egg-Free Trivalent Shot – Approved for those who have allergies to eggs and are over 18.

  • Trivalent with Adjuvant – Adjuvant is a substance that creates a stronger response in the body of the patient. Typically used in those who are over the age of 65.

What About Last Years Flu Shot?

Unfortunately, the shot you received last year won’t provide adequate protection against this year’s strain. The immune response generated by these vaccines decline gradually, so a new dose is needed every year. The flu viruses also change and evolve each year, requiring fresh vaccines to tackle them.

If you’ve been wondering whether you should get a yearly flu vaccine the answer is almost certainly yes. Stop in and speak to Dr. Trang D Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor about getting you shot in the upcoming year. More than just protecting yourself, getting the flu vaccine protects those around you who may be more susceptible to the dangers associated with the flu. Call today to find out where you can get your shot in Conroe, TX.

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