Why You Should Get A Flu Shot

If you’re like a lot of Americans you may be wondering why you should bother getting the flu shot. Every year we face the dangers of the flu and we have survived it without the benefit of one of these shots, so why start getting them now? Modern medicine and vaccines have been able to identify the most likely strains of influenza to strike in the upcoming flu season and provide protection against them. With over 200,000 people getting hospitalized due to influenza every year, it’s sensible protection to take.

The Flu Is That Serious?

Yes. For the very young, the very old, and those with impaired immune systems a serious case of the flu can be a death sentence. Even typically healthy people can be at risk if the case of the flu is bad enough. Every year 3,000 to 49,000 people die from symptoms associated with the flu. Certain people are at greater risk from the flu than others, including:

  • Patients who have had a stroke or have heart disease

  • Adults who are older than 65

  • Women who are pregnant

  • Patients with HIV or AIDs

  • Cancer Patients

  • Those with diabetes and asthma

Can The Vaccine Really Prevent The Flu?

Ongoing research has shown that those who get the flu vaccine are nearly 61% less likely to contract flu during any given year. While certain factors render the flu virus more or less effective, this rate has been consistent over multiple years.

What Kinds Of Flu Shots Are There?

You may have heard about different types of flu shots and been wondering what they’re all about. There are actually four different forms of the flu vaccine, with different recommendations as to who should receive each of them.

  • Standard Dost Trivalent Shots – These shots are given in the arm or a jet injector, and are appropriate for those between the ages of 18 and 64.

  • High Dose Trivalent Shot – These are form patients who are older than 65

  • Recombinant Egg-Free Trivalent Shot – Approved for those who have allergies to eggs and are over 18.

  • Trivalent with Adjuvant – Adjuvant is a substance that creates a stronger response in the body of the patient. Typically used in those who are over the age of 65.

What About Last Years Flu Shot?

Unfortunately, the shot you received last year won’t provide adequate protection against this year’s strain. The immune response generated by these vaccines decline gradually, so a new dose is needed every year. The flu viruses also change and evolve each year, requiring fresh vaccines to tackle them.

If you’ve been wondering whether you should get a yearly flu vaccine the answer is almost certainly yes. Stop in and speak to Dr. Trang D Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor about getting you shot in the upcoming year. More than just protecting yourself, getting the flu vaccine protects those around you who may be more susceptible to the dangers associated with the flu. Call today to find out where you can get your shot in Conroe, TX.

What is Medical Weight Loss And Why Does It Work?

If you’re like many Americans you’ve been struggling with reaching a healthy weight. While most of us can stand to lose a few pounds, there are those whose lives are seriously impacted by obesity who can’t seem to break its hold on them. In cases like this medical weight loss may be a viable option to help break the cycle and help them finally get down to a healthy weight. If you’ve ever considered medically assisted weight loss and want to know if it’s appropriate for you, then this guide is for you.

Your Initial Consult

When you first start discussing this condition with your physician may refer you to a specialist in this form of treatment. Throughout the consultation, they’ll discuss your medical history, including obesity-related diseases, and factors that may be leading to obesity. They will also include a physical examination as part of the visit, and a history of your weight including dieting attempts. In some cases, a psychological profile and history may be ordered.

In many instances, patients will arrive at the clinic with high cholesterol, diabetes that hasn’t been diagnosed, abnormal liver tests, thyroid disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea. Additional testing may be suggested depending on the details of this consultation. Once this is complete one or more treatment approaches may be suggested.

Behavior Modifications

The first wave of attack on excess weight is going to center around exercise and dieting, both conditions that patients with obesity may struggle with. Lifestyle changes need to be part of any approach to medical weight loss, even if other techniques are used.

Obesity Medications

There are numerous medications that have been approved for the treatment of obesity, but they all include the aforementioned behavioral modifications. These medications are prescribed in cases where obesity has been shown to be the result of medical conditions or cannot be achieved through the above modifications.

Surgical Options

In serious cases where other techniques have been tried unsuccessfully your physician may suggest treatment through lap-band surgery. This treatment is reserved for only the most serious cases, and these patients have to have shown that they’re capable of sticking to the regimen that comes with it. While effective these treatments need a patient who is willing and able to put in the work to limit their meal sizes and make meaningful changes to their lifestyle to maintain the weight loss.

If you think you might benefit from medically assisted weight loss then its time to connect with a specialist like Dr. Trang D Nguyen. Along with his team of experts at Conroe Family Doctor they’ve been helping patients struggling with obesity find hope in their battle against weight gain. If you live in the Conroe, TX area then give their office a call to request a consultation. Once scheduled you’ll be seen by Dr. Nguyen and your options will be discussed. Remember that medical weight loss is a process and that your consultation is just the beginning of a journey that will help you lose the weight.

Fall Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Fall season is here! Nature during this time of year can be a beautiful time to spend with your family. However, as fall comes and goes, ti can become a lot easier to stay inside due to the cool winds and crispness of the lowering temperatures. It’s also the time of the flu and common cold, and thus it can become hard to enjoy fall and all it has to offer. Nevertheless, you and your family should still try and enjoy the wonders that the fall season has to offer. If you’re looking for new ways to spend time with your family, then here are some of the best ways to enjoy the fall before it’s over:

Dive into a Leaf Pile – It’s normal to try and pick up all the fallen leaves from your driveway and your backyard, but if you have kids, of course your kids are going to want to jump in the leaves. Let them jump in, and even join them, because jumping in the leaves is an activity you only get to do once a year.

Ride a Hay Wagon – Some fall festivals have hayrides, where you and your family can get to ride a hayride through a wheat or corn field. Take your kids on a wagon ride and enjoy the crisp air of fall. Why not make it even more exciting and ride a haunted hayride!

Head To A Fall Festival – Every town has a fall festival, so why not join the fun? Visit your local fall festival, ride the carnival rides, eat candied apples, and support your local organizations by donating money towards their causes.

Take a Trip to a Haunted House – Haunted houses can be a lot of fun, especially if your family has teenagers that don’t like the little kids stuff. This will also help you prepare for Halloween, as it’s one of the best times of the year for a good scare.

Carve Pumpkins – Carving pumpkins has been a pastime in the United States since the early 1900’s. Fall is the perfect season to select the perfect pumpkin for carving. Teach your kids how to carve pumpkins and place candles in them to keep away the evil spirits.

See Why the Colors Change – Fall means the leaves change color, but why does it do that? This is also an excellent opportunity for you and your family to learn about why the leaves change color, and even conduct small experiments testing the theories.

Make an Apple Pie – Fall also invites the warm flavors of cinnamon, apples, and nutmeg, as fall has been traditionally a time of harvesting after a long year of farming. Make some apple pie to spice up your life, and experiment with other fall foods this season.

Go to An Autumn Bonfire – Bonfires give you the change to cook up a batch of s’mores for you and your kids. Go camping for a few nights, sit outside next to the warm fire, and enjoy the fall breeze as you sit next to the smoky aromas of smoke and burnt marshmallows.

If you love these ideas, but are currently sick with the flu, then contact Dr. Trang D Nguyen at the Conroe Family Doctor in Conroe, TX. Helping families recover from illnesses, Dr. Nguyen and his team of physicians will see to it that you and your family are back to health in no time.

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