Back pain and Joint pain account for some of the most common reasons for doctor visits. Nine out of ten of us will have back and joint problems at some point in our lives. Dr. Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor and her team in Conroe, Texas are experienced in diagnosing and managing joint problems. If patient need further testings and referral to a specialist, Conroe Family Doctor can serve as the initial point to work up your problem.

Persistent and chronic pain can interfere with the quality of your life. Whether your hands, wrists, or knees are aching more often as you get older or if you experienced an injury that has left lingering spasms, pain can prevent you from enjoying time with your family. Dr. Trang Nguyen and her medical staff at Conroe Family Doctor invites you to schedule an appointment to discuss any problems you might be experiencing so that a plan of action can be put into place to return your mobility. The first step is to determine what is the root cause of the pain. It might be a simple problem with a fairly straight forward solution.

Common Causes

Back pain can be debilitating and if left untreated, minor back problems may require a correctional procedure. Bad posture, weight gain, or a leg injury can cause stress on your skeletal muscles. As your body attempts to alleviate the stress, the muscles begin to protest by sending pain signals. The more stress the muscles takes, the tighter they become. However, many back pain problems can be fixed through exercise and therapy.

Many people experience more pain in the joints as their body ages. Osteoarthritis is caused by the tendons and cartilage in your joints wearing down over time leaving exposed bones to rub against tender tissue. Other underlying causes of long-term joint pain can be an old injury that was not successfully treated or an infection which settled into a susceptible joint causing more stress.

Fortunately, all these common causes can be treated by consulting with your Conroe Family Doctor, applying some basic medications, and proper physical therapy.

Effective Treatments

Physical activity is often the best medicine for regaining strength and flexibility, which can alleviate strain on the joints. However, simply running or lifting weights at your health club may not be the right solution. By working with Dr. Nguyen, you may be assigned some sessions with a physical therapist who will help you target the damaged part of the body and complete movements that promote healing. Over the counter medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, and ibuprofen are also recommended, but can become toxic to your body over time. Braces for wrists, ankles, and knees provide soothing compression and support that help you return movement to aching joints.

Residents of Conroe, Texas and surrounding areas should schedule a consultation with Dr. Nguyen to discuss and treat any pain you might be experiencing. Call today to schedule an appointment (936) 441-2012 .We look forward to hearing from you.

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