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Ask any man or woman to list their goals and you’ll likely hear most of them say losing weight is one of them. More than two thirds of American adults are considered overweight. Excess weight leads to a variety of health issues, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. But it also is a main factor in many psychological problems, including low self-esteem and poor self image.

Weight loss can be achieved through good old fashioned hard work (diet and exercise), gastric bypass surgery, LapBand surgery, and even a customized medical weight loss program. Here at Conroe Family Doctor we offer a medical weight loss program to help guide patients through the process of losing weight and ensuring they get the best life possible.

What is involved in the medical weight loss program offered by Conroe Family Doctor?

Our approach to weight loss at Conroe Family Doctor is one that is comprehensive. We look at the patient as a whole and utilize an approach that is designed to maximize your results. At the start of the process we do an intake and look at your lifestyle and nutrition. We aim to make modifications that increase your cardiovascular output, decrease stress, and improve your sleep. All of these factor make a difference in how well your body’s metabolism processes food.

Our ultimate goal is to find the root of your weight gain. Some patients have excessive stress, while others have a nutritional imbalance. Whatever is affecting you, we want to know and remedy it by turning your body into a fat burning machine.

Is the medical weight loss program something that would work for me?

If you are a person who is ready to make a lifestyle change and want to lose weight, our program could be perfect for you. We invite anyone who is looking to take a next step toward weight loss to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nguyen and learn more about how she can help design a program that works for you.

Why should I want to lose weight?

We never recommend weight loss because of aesthetic reasons. Looks are only skin deep. The reason we want patients to lose weight is because of the ways that excessive weight impacts the quality of their life.

A person who carries excess weight is often less engaged in the world because they want to pull away. This is typically the result of feeling like they don’t fit in. Additionally, people who carry extra weight are more likely to suffer from depression in addition to a slew of other physical ailments.

Diabetes, a condition in which your pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to control blood sugar, impacts a person’s skin, kidneys, and can lead to death and loss of limbs when it is not managed correctly.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women and can be caused by a combination of genetics and excess weight. Women who have heart disease are more likely to die from heart attack or suffer from a debilitating stroke.

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