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A yearly exam is one of the most important preventative health measures you can take. Both men and women should get to their doctor for a yearly wellness exam.

Many diseases and illnesses are discovered because of wellness exams. And because wellness exams are performed on a yearly basis, your doctor has a baseline of your health to measure progress and can act quickly if something is wrong.

Wellness Exams for Women

The wellness exam for women is an overall assessment of your health. We will take your weight and discuss any issues you have. A Pap smear will screen for cervical cancer and any STDs, while a breast exam will check for any lumps that could indicate the presence of breast cancer.

Prior to starting the exam, we will take a health history. During this portion of the exam, we will look at your family history and how that might affect your health. The physical exam will look for any anomalies and some of the most common illnesses seen today.

You will also be given an opportunity to voice any concerns you might have. Whether you’re interested in weight management or have an ache that won’t go away, this is your opportunity to discuss any and all concerns with Dr. Nguyen.

Wellness Exams for Men

As a man heading in for your yearly wellness exam will help to ensure you’re healthy and can also catch illnesses at the start and before they even start to show symptoms. The most dreaded part of this exam is the prostate exam, but this simple portion saves lives and plays a role in better mortality rates.

During this exam, you will have an opportunity to speak with the doctor and discuss concerns. We will also look at your blood pressure and overall family history.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Men, in particular, tend to pay less attention to their health when they’re busy concentrating on work and family. This is why wellness exams are so important. They’re a set date for you to get checked out and touch base with your doctor.

Once you start regularly going to wellness exams you will begin to develop a rapport with the doctor and a baseline for them to work off of. This ensures that your doctor understands what is normal for you. For example, while your blood pressure might appear a little low, your normal might be to run on the low side. Similarly, your blood work may seem out of the norm, but the doctor might determine that that is your normal.

Dr. Nguyen is a compassionate family doctor located in Conroe, Texas. She is proud to serve her community and offers wellness exams for both men and women, and even treats pediatric patients.

Contact our office today to schedule your wellness exam. Our office accepts a variety of insurances and works with your schedule. We can serve your entire family’s needs – from basic vaccines to exams to women’s health.

Wellness exams are annual physical exams which promote health and wellness and may lead to early detection of health issues. During the annual physical exam your height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse are taken by the clinical staff. The physician will perform an exam from head to toes and evaluate vaccination status, discuss preventative health issues such as cancer screening, and recommend blood tests to evaluate for common health issues.

The main difference between a WELL MAN EXAM and a WELL WOMAN EXAM is the male exam has a prostate check while the female exam has a pelvic exam which usually includes a pap smear. As part of the annual physical, routine blood tests maybe taken which screen for diabetes, high cholesterol, and other problems. You maybe ask to come back for a follow up visit. The follow up visit may include a discussion on risk factors and prevention of health issues discovered during the exam, as well as information to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

The purpose of these visits is to screen for diseases, asses risk of future medical problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle, update vaccinations, and maintain a relationship with a doctor in case of an illness.

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