The Importance of Immunizations

Parents want to give their children the best and healthiest start in life. A part of keeping your little ones healthy is to ensure that they are vaccinated. There can be so much conflicting information about immunizations, between what is written on social media and chatted about at the park. Dr. Trang D Nguyen, in her Conroe, TX offices can provide you with accurate medical information so that you are an informed decision-maker for the continued good health of your family.

Benefits of Immunizations

Vaccinations protect children and adults alike, against a range of illnesses. They save millions of lives by protecting against illnesses that include polio, measles, whooping cough, and even the flu and some types of pneumonia.

Vaccines are made up of dead or weakened viruses that, when administered to someone with a healthy immune system, trigger a response that results in building an immunity to those viruses. If you are then exposed to something like chickenpox, you are unlikely to succumb to the illness.

Before immunizations were developed, the only way to become immune to an illness was contracted it and survive it. Many diseases that are now preventable often led to hospitalization, permanent disability, and even death.

Children and adults who are not healthy enough to receive full vaccinations due to compromised immune systems rely on those around them to stay healthy. This so-called herd immunity provides protection for those who are not immune to diseases that could otherwise be life-threatening.

An increase in the number of people who are vaccinated has led to the eradication of many diseases that once took many lives.

If you have questions about the benefits of some immunizations, Dr. Nguyen will be able to discuss them with you.

Immigration and School Vaccinations

Upon moving to the United States many find that the vaccinations they received as children are not on par with those required by immigration guidelines. Dr. Nguyen can, in her Conroe, TX offices, get all of your immunizations up to date.

This is often seen in school-aged children who may not have been on the same vaccination schedule as their peers. In her family medicine practice Trang D Nguyen, MD can get children current on all school-required vaccinations.

There’s no disputing that immunizations have great benefit for the whole family. Be sure to visit Dr. Trang D Nguyen, MD to get the most current information about vaccination protocols. An informed decision maker is one who will make the best choices for his or her family.

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Dr. Trang Nguyen, a Conroe family physician, recommends that all patients get immunizations. This is important not only for children but for adults, as well. Immunizations protect the patient from a wide variety of preventable infectious diseases. Vaccines also protect people the patient interacts with. As a family doctor, the public’s health is important to Dr. Nguyen.

Why Get Vaccinated?

In some cases, immunizations protect against infectious diseases for which there are no effective treatments. Without an adequate level of defense, children and adults are at risk for serious illnesses and potentially even death. Also, individuals with compromised immune systems may not be able to receive immunizations. They rely on those around them being adequately vaccinated to ensure they are protected from infectious diseases. Physicians who encourage appropriate immunization plans also lower the risks of epidemics within a community. Preventing disease through vaccination is also more cost effective as they are lower in cost than the treatment of a disease. These practical reasons for immunization protect the health of the whole community.

Reduction of Infectious Disease

Immunizations prevent a variety of diseases such measles, mumps, whooping cough, and rubella. The reduction of chronic diseases, such as polio, is the result of the implementation of active childhood immunization programs. A series of booster shots ensures that the vaccination coverage remains effective. International travelers need to discuss their plans with their physician as additional immunizations may be needed for travel to countries where certain diseases still exist.

How Do Immunizations Protect?

The body’s immune system actively works to prevent disease. After exposure, materials are naturally created to fight germs that caused the illness. When these germs are encountered again, the immune system is prepared to eradicate or lessen their effect.Immunizations stimulate the immune system to naturally perform this function. They contain dead or weak cells to increase an individual’s immunity to the disease.

Immunizations protect children and adults from a wide variety of serious illnesses. Dr. Nguyen in Conroe, TX shares their importance with all patients.

Geriatric Care Helps You Enjoy Later Life

Geriatric care is a healthcare specialty that focuses on the health and wellbeing of our elderly and aging population. At Conroe Family Doctor, we specialize in treating and preventing diseases and disabilities commonly found in older populations, all with the compassion and care that you’d expect from your physician.

Why do I need a specialist?

While your physician is likely well-qualified to treat you right now, a geriatric healthcare specialist should be a part of your care plan as you age. As you get older, your body changes and the way diseases and illnesses manifest is different than how they do when you’re younger.

The physiological changes you experience as you age increases the difficulty that comes with diagnosing and treating diseases. A geriatric care specialist will know what to look for, questions to ask when treating you, and the best plans for treating your unique symptoms and circumstances. We also understand how various medications interact with each other and can ensure you don’t experience any adverse medicinal interactions.

What’s the average age someone starts to receive geriatric care?

While there’s no set age at which someone should start seeing a physician that specializes in elderly healthcare, the generally accepted age is about 65 years old. If, however, you have a family history of geriatric healthcare issues that tend to show up earlier than 65, you might want to start seeing a specialist earlier.

What else can these specialists help with?

As you age, your geriatric care physician can help guide you and your family through important and often hard decisions we all have to make. Our goal is to educate patients and their families on end of life issues, quality of life, independence, and how and when to progress through skilled nursing and other treatment facilities.

With your permission, we can also work with your spouse and children, so they understand your healthcare needs, our plans for your treatment, and how they can best support you.

Recommending Specialists

Here at Conroe Family Doctor, we have extensive relationships with other geriatric healthcare specialists, including geriatric oncologists, geriatric nephrologist, and geriatric dentistry. Our established relationships with these providers will ensure you get the best care possible, so you can enjoy retirement and a happy, healthy life. And, you can rest confident that you’ll be in great hands with specialists who understand your health issues and how your life stage might impact them.

Contact our team to schedule your appointment or get answers to any questions you have. We would love to be a part of your healthcare planning and helping you live the best life possible.

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