Sports and Work Physicals

Doctor examining a patients leg during a sports/employment physical


If you’re looking to land that new job or play one of your favorite sports, chances are you’ll be required to get a sport or work physical. Both of these physicals are required to ensure you’re in optimal health to perform the duties expected of you. Work and sports physicals are both for your benefit and the organization requesting it.

What is a work physical?

Many employers require work physicals to ensure you can perform your job well and that there is nothing underlying that could impact you in the future. Most work physicals include a drug test, basic check up, and physical exam.

What do work physicals include?

When you arrive for your physical the nurse or medical assistant will take your weight, blood pressure, and temperature. She or he will also take your medical history and ask for a list of any medications that you’re taking. Understanding what you’re taking and any of those side effects can help the doctor determine whether you can do your job or not. For example, if a medication that you’re taking causes drowsiness, you likely won’t be approved for a job in which you have to operate heavy machinery.

The drug and alcohol test, which can be performed using a breathalyzer, urine sample, blood sample, hair test, and even mouth swab, will tell the doctor if you’ve taken any prescription or illegal drugs, and which ones.

The physical exam checks your reflexes, range of motion, and heart and lung health. You’ll also have your hearing checked and pupils dilated.

What is a sports physical?

About 46 million children play sports each year. With that many children playing, it’s important to make sure each one is healthy enough to enjoy their sport of choice. Sports physicals can help detect any unknown issues that could lead to further issues down the line. If an issue is found, your child might not be able to participate in sports, but this physical could save their life.

What do sports physicals include?

A sports physical assesses your child’s vitals and overall physical health, including vision and flexibility. The vitals check looks at the pulse and blood pressure, along with height and weight to ensure there isn’t added stress on bones and joints.

The eye exam ensures your child’s vision is totally clear and whether they need a prescription for glasses or contacts, or need their current prescription updated.
A fitness assessment looks at the heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat, to make sure they’re healthy and don’t limit physical activity.

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