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Receiving the Flu Shot During The Pandemic

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been more critical than ever to take appropriate care of our health. Taking the time to get your flu vaccine each year is an excellent way of doing this. Everyone can benefit from the flu shot; those with impaired immune systems, the very young, and the elderly benefit most. Getting the flu can be life-threatening to these individuals. Even those with healthy immune systems are at increased risk of contracting COVID while fighting the flu. While the pandemic seems to be waning as time passes, protecting your health with a flu shot is still important.

Receiving the Flu Shot During The Pandemic

Getting the flu vaccine does not provide direct protection against COVID-19. However, studies show that those struggling with the flu are more likely to contract COVID. This is especially true in severe cases where flu patients must be admitted to hospitals and exposed to those battling COVID. Even when this isn’t a concern, you must avoid contracting the flu as much as possible. The flu shot protects you from influenza virus types A and B.

Common Questions About The Flu vaccine:

  • When Should I Get The Flu Shot? – Every year there is a new flu vaccine released. This vaccine is calibrated to fight those strains of influenza projected to be the most common in the coming year. It’s often available in August or September and can be received through the end of the flu season.
  • When Is Flu Season? – It’s possible to develop the flu at any time of year, though it occurs most frequently in December through February. However, the flu can occur any time of year, so it pays to take care.
  • What If I Contract The Flu Anyway? – Those who have received the flu vaccine report reduced the seriousness of symptoms and shorter recovery times.
  • Is It Possible To Be Immune To The Flu? – No evidence currently suggests that flu immunity can be developed naturally. It has a high mutation rate and appears in numerous strains each year.
  • What Strains Does The Vaccine Prevent? – As new strains of the virus appear each year, the vaccine is tailored to different ones each year. Those selected are those assessed to be the most likely to produce the highest risk to the population.

The battle with the influenza virus is never-ending. While it can be life-threatening, it isn’t as dangerous as COVID-19. However, it can become life-threatening in certain situations or when the young or elderly are infected.

Work With Your Physician To Get The Flu Shot

If you’re concerned about getting the flu shot, contact your physician. They’ll be able to provide you with up-to-date information and schedule a time for you to get vaccinated. It’s vital to protect the ones you love from contracting the flu and reduce their risk of contracting COVID. Call and schedule your vaccination at Conroe Family Doctor today!

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